Planning a Party at a Restaurant

This Spinach, Feta And Chicken Pizza Is Sure To Satisfy

24 Aug

Making homemade pizza is a good way to enjoy a break from delivery-style pizza and spend more time in the kitchen with your family. However, pizza can be more than just red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni! Kick up this weekend’s pizza party by serving this spinach, feta and chicken pizza with a homemade yeast crust. […]

Family Style Restaurants: An American Tradition

11 Aug

In many areas of the state of Pennsylvania, there are large populations of Amish people. Traditionally, Amish families eat almost every meal together, particularly dinner. They would be seated together at long tables and share their meal by passing around large dishes where each person can take a serving and pass it on to the […]

The Best Cities For Italian Food

11 Aug

It will come as no surprise that the states that have the highest amount of Italian emigrants contain the cities with best Italian restaurants. Cities with a thriving Italian culture and their own “Little Italy”, are located all over the United States. The majority of the emigrants came from southern Italy, and this is reflected […]