Planning a Party at a Restaurant

Lobster Ettiquete For First Time Diners

26 Nov

Lobster is considered the epitome of luxury for many, which is why it is a popular choice in many seafood restaurants. It can also be a little intimidating if you have never dined on lobster in a restaurant setting. The following will guide you through what to expect and the proper etiquette when enjoying lobster […]

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Indian Food

19 Nov

If you didn’t grow up in a town that had an Indian restaurant, you probably don’t know that much about Indian food. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Indian food, but that you might like to know before you dine at your first Indian restaurant. #1 Not All Indian Dishes Are […]

Opening A Sandwich Shop: Three Key Considerations

24 Sep

If you are sick of working for someone else and want to be your own boss, one great idea is to open a sandwich shop. Of course before you embark on this type of endeavor, you must carefully consider a variety of factors in order to give the business a good chance to succeed. This article […]

Unique Wedding Buffet Ideas

11 Sep

When you are planning a wedding, you might feel overwhelmed by the fact that you need to feed a large number of people, all with their own tastes, preferences, allergies, and moral standings. You will have to accommodate people who don’t eat meat, people who are allergic to nuts, and many other cases in order […]

Tips for Having Live Music at Your Restaurant Dinner Party

11 Sep

Holding a dinner party in a restaurant can be an excellent way of ensuring that your guests are delighted with delicious dishes throughout the evening. In addition to having wonderful food, you will also need to arrange for entertainment for the evening. To this end reserving a live band can be an excellent solution for […]

This Spinach, Feta And Chicken Pizza Is Sure To Satisfy

24 Aug

Making homemade pizza is a good way to enjoy a break from delivery-style pizza and spend more time in the kitchen with your family. However, pizza can be more than just red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni! Kick up this weekend’s pizza party by serving this spinach, feta and chicken pizza with a homemade yeast crust. […]